Ammy is a sought after permanent makeup artist (cosmetic tattooist) and machine brows specialist from Adelaide, South Australia operating as Brow Witch since 2015. Upon completing her initial training in Melbourne she has gone on to complete advanced post graduate education to ensure she is bringing you the most cutting edge procedures and techniques. 

Ammy Prefers to work with machine in comparison to the manual service known as Microblading. Machine Brows are preferred as they last longer, causes less trauma to the skin, heal more consistently and suit all skin types. Ammy loves to do unusual hair colours, cover up work and is known for her colour matching ability especially with gingers and natural blondes. 

SERVICES: Machine Brows, Lip Blush Tattoo, Freckle Tattoo, Lash Lift n Tint, Henna Brows + Sculpt


SARAH ROBERTS - Apprentice 

Also known as “Baby Brow Witch”.

After doing part of a traditional tattoo apprenticeship, Sarah decided to make the switch to learn cosmetic tattooing. She started her apprenticeship at Brow Witch in March 2018 and has since been developing her knowledge and skills in this field. 

Sarah also works as a freelance artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She loves coffee, cats and freckles.

SERVICES: Machine Brows, Lip Blush Tattoo, Freckle Tattoo, Lash Lift n Tint, Henna Brows + Sculpt



Lauren has been working at Brow Witch as Ammy's assistant for some time. She is very friendly and works hard to answer a lot of our customer queries. Lauren also offers Lash Lifts n Tints.

SERVICES: Lash Lift n Tint