Please be aware we can not tattoo anyone:

  • under 18
  • who is pregnant or lactating (unless a lactating woman chats to her doctor first and expresses milk before and after the treatment)
  • undergoing chemotherapy or who have overly tan or sunburnt skins.Please avoid the use of retionls and anti ageing creams in the brow area as well as chemical peels, fish oil and antibiotics (E.g doxycycline) in the week leading to your appointment. 

For Lip Blush Tattoo, we recommend drinking lots of water and keeping your lips as hydrated as possible on the days leading up to your appointment.


After Care - Brows

DAY 1 - Dab with wipes/wet cotton rounds whilst they're fresh and juicy, just leave them to do their thing for the next couple of days until they start to peel.

DAY 3-5 (or once they start to peel) - Apply after care cream morning and night or when they feel itchy to relieve the itchiness.


  • Avoid getting your brows wet (no steam rooms, public pools, hot tubs or swimming in the ocean).
  • Avoid excessive sweating while your brows are healing. After day 5 you may resume exercise as normal but use a sweat band to avoid sweating on the brow area.
  • When you take a shower no soaking them with water. 
  • If you're washing your hair, apply aftercare cream before showering to avoid getting them wet. Remove the aftercare cream straight after the shower with a cotton pad.
  • No makeup on the brow area until it's healed. Please remove makeup from around it with scent free cleansers or coconut oil to prevent them from getting infected.
  • Most importantly, do not pick or scratch!

After Care - Lips

DAY 1 - Dab with wipes/wet cotton rounds whilst they're fresh and juicy. Apply aftercare cream as much as possible. 

DAY 2-5 - You will notice your lips will start to peel. Continue applying after care cream as much as possible.


  • Avoid smoking, kissing, spicy food and oral sex.
  • When applying aftercare cream, ensure your hands are clean or that you are using cotton tips. 
  •  If you suffer from cold sores, we suggest taking Lysine to prevent a cold sore infection.
  • Most importantly, do not pick or scratch!